At The Golden Paw, we place great emphasis on ensuring our pups are reared in the best possible way. It just doesn’t make sense to have people pay good money for greyhounds and then try to skimp on rearing. We are Melbourne based but have now sent over a dozen pups to Matt and Naomi and have been delighted with the service and results. Our first to be broken in came through with flying colours in large part due to the rearing and pre-ed received at Bathurst. If room is available for our next litter, we will have no hesitation in sending them here.


Ian Wood

The Golden Paw

Greyhound Breeders and Syndicators

June 2015


I have experimented with and used many rearers in my greyhound racing journey but I can honestly say that my pups have never looked better and more switched on prior to the break in.  Matt & Naiomi’s feeding regime is second to none. The care that they take with each pup is at a level I haven’t experienced from a commercial breeder up to now. They treat each and every dog on their property as if it was theirs. Most importantly for my pups, Matt and Naiomi’s professionalism shines through because they follow through and do everything that they promise to do.  I know that my pups are physically ready  & mentally confident to take on the sharp learning curve of a 4 week break in course.

Sandro Bechini


Can't speak highly enough of Murphy's Rearing Spelling and Pre Ed! Both Matt & Naiomi do by far away the most thorough job at rearing and pre-educating my pups. Murphy's Rearing, Spelling and Pre Ed bring a whole new and long overdue standard of professionalism to the industry. Matt and Naiomi actually realise and appreciate the large expense us breeders outlay and go the extra yard in giving my pups every chance of success on the racetrack.

Darren Leeson
International Sires



Matt at Murphy’s rearing has worked wonders with my bitch Bertha in the time she spent there. When she arrived she had been “reared hard and wild” and whilst she was well grown and well fed she had very little handling. She was very timid and full of fleas etc. From the first follow up report I received from Matt (write up and photos) she had improved in looks hand over fist and continued to do so for the duration of her stay there. The guys obviously put a lot of effort in when it came to handling her to the point she came right out of her shell. Prior to her coming back to town for breakin Matt did all required to get her prepared by giving her plenty attention in regard to lure work and straight track running. She has arrived back in town now and has been broken in with very good initial reports. Feedback so far has been that she is an absolute pleasure to handle and has absolutely no bad traits which is a direct result of the great job Matt has done with Bertha. Only time will tell if Bertha is going to fulfil her early potential but I would not consider sending young dogs anywhere else for rearing and pre-training now and in the future. I would also highly recommend their set-up to anyone looking for the ‘complete service” for their dogs.

 Garry Douglas



What a pleasure it has been having a Matt Murphy reared and pre trained greyhound pup in my kennels 

I have been having all my pups reared externally for 43 years now and Matt yours has been the best of the best.

Perfect Kennel Dog, Clean, easy to handle and Keen. 

Today Matt Kwong from Quakers Hill Vet removed his testicles, so your vets diagnosis at 12 months was spot on as well. 

Time will tell whether he has pace 

At this moment he is doing everything right and the future is encouraging. 

He is a keeper.


Gary Brown



I have owned greyhounds for many years and was looking for a place to rear a pup in May 2013.
I found Murphy's Rearing and Pre- Ed on the Greyhound Data website and contacted Matt.  After having spoken to him and heard his plans for this new establishment, I sent my pup to him and Naiomi and have been extremely happy with the results. In October I sent another pup there and they underwent pre-education in January and sent them away to be broken in in February. The breaker commented on how well the pups looked and acted upon kennelling and asked where they had been reared.  Both pups broke in very well and are back spelling at Matt's and Naiomi's at present.
The property is immaculately set out, the dogs on the property are a picture of health and their professional approach to the rearing of pups is first class. 
I couldn't be happier with the service provided by Matt and Naiomi and am sending another pup to them next week.
Graeme O'Donell